Keelboats Sailing courses

We organize keelboats sailing courses from minimum 13 years old and adults.

Courses take place in Porto Cervo or Poltu Quatu with J24 7.2 or with J105 10.5 meter all boats very challenging, fun and stable.


Free shuttle service from home to school subjet to availability, will be determined at the enrollment time.

Courses last for six days, as follows:

First lesson on Mondays, from 10am until 2pm.



h. 10am on-shore lesson

h. 10.45am rig, then out on the water

h. 1.30pm back ashore

h. 2pm end of lesson.



There are five levels; instructors will assign a level based on the new student’s sailing ability.

It usually takes one week to complete a level.

At the end of the week there will be the final regatta. Each student will receive a certificate of attendance.

1st BASICS – Sailing terminology, rigging the boat, points of sail, heading up and bearing away, knots.

2nd INTERMEDIATE – Sailing the boat, tacking and jibing, true and apparent wind, safety aboard

3rd ADVANCED – Mark rounding, finer points of sail and hull trim, advanced boat handling

4th RACING – Basic racing rules, starts, quick maneuvers, flying the spinnaker.

5th ADVANCED RACING – Regatta organization, racing rules, tactics and strategies, on-board roles.


Before the corse begins, students must submit a valid medical certificate confirming general good health for participation in non-agonistic sporting activities.

Franco Pistone

Mobile +39 347 079 5547


Monica Piras

Mobile +39 340 975 1285‬

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